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How Much Is Omega Worth Fortnite. There will be a total of 28 quests to fully unlock all the skin's styles, as well as those for the harvesting tool. The next level up quest pack is now available in the item shop:

Omega Maxed Out Fortnite
Omega Maxed Out Fortnite from

Estimated account value $ 0.00. The base version of the omega skin is awarded for reaching tier 100 in fortnite, which is a nice reward for players who have invested their time into completing challenges and leveling up their battle pass. See our faq below for more info on level.

Omega Maxed Out Fortnite

Omen is a legendary outfit in fortnite: The og omega skin from fortnite chapter 1 season 4 has finally returned, and it looks better than ever. I dont like fortnite anymore (havent played for 2 years or so) and i really want to sell my acc. By getting all 28 tokens you will receive the omega knight skin, their back bling and a variant gold color as well.