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Omega Knight Dc. Why the batman who laughs' sidekick is so dangerous. Season 2 and is a part of the honor, glory, gold set.

Omega (Last Knight on Earth) Villains Wiki Fandom
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Perpetua resurrected her former jailers' remains from the dark multiverse and created her own frankenstein's monster, the omega knight alexander luthor (prime earth) the omega knight was a mashup of the omega titans made by the hand named perpetua. With atlantean superhero nowhere in sight, the crew of doom metal may find themselves outmatched as omega knight rises like a leviathan from the deep. Victory is assured in the omega men #2.

Omega (Last Knight on Earth) Villains Wiki Fandom

Spoilers for justice league #55 below!. He formerly worked as the vigilante and hero known as batman, becoming the tyrannical ruler called omega after the world turned on the superheroes, brutalizing him as well as those close to him. It boasts of overwhelming abilities that wipe out countless enemies in an instant. It is said to have been developed with reference to the data of a digimon game.