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Rising Action Climax Chart. The falling action is all the plot points wrapping up, the consequences of the climax, and reflection on the changes in the main character. Rising action is the sequence of causes and effects that take place after the introduction and lead to the climax.

Plot Sally Song 72 Book Report 6 PROMETHEUS
Plot Sally Song 72 Book Report 6 PROMETHEUS from

Danger, hostility, fear, or even a new threatening situation. Tangerine by edward bloor setting & characters rising action, climax, falling action, final event conflict, resolution & theme setting.the plot and series ofevents surrounding the main character(s) a plot diagram is when you list things from a book or story and youhave to match them up with the term that best describes each one: Rising action • an initial event gets the action rolling •events develop the conflict and suspense builds.

Plot Sally Song 72 Book Report 6 PROMETHEUS

Use this graphic organizer to show students plot elements. This organizer can be used for a story, novel, passage, article, etc. It can be completed with a story of your choosing. This involves the development of the protagonist’s internal and external conflicts, a primary conflict that comes to the forefront, obstacles they must overcome, and a “boiling point” that triggers the climax.