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In a transformative 12-month collaboration with Systems Tech, our team at Buzo Media Services orchestrated a comprehensive digital strategy, resulting in the design of a cutting-edge e-commerce website, strategic SEO initiatives, and successful product listings on major platforms.

Client Background

Systems Tech, a tech solutions provider, approached us with the goal of expanding their online presence, boosting sales, and establishing a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


Limited Online Visibility

Systems Tech faced challenges in reaching its target audience online.


Limited Online Visibility

Systems Tech faced challenges in reaching its target audience online.

Solutions Provided

E-Commerce Website Design

User-Centric Design: Crafted an intuitive and visually appealing e-commerce website focused on enhancing the user experience.

Mobile Responsiveness: Ensured seamless functionality across various devices to capture a wider audience.

SEO Optimization

On-Page Enhancement: Conducted a thorough SEO audit, optimizing meta tags, headers, and content to align with relevant keywords.

Off-Page Strategies: Implemented backlink building and content marketing to enhance domain authority.

Keyword Targeting: Targeted high-impact keywords relevant to Systems Tech’s products and services.

Multichannel Product Listings

Amazon, Flipkart, MowgliX: Expanded market reachby strategically listing Systems Tech products on leading e-commerce platforms.

Optimized Product Listings: Crafted compelling product descriptions and visuals to maximize conversions.

Months 1-3

Months 4-6

Months 7-12

Results And Benefits

First-Page Rankings

Systems Tech now ranks on the first page for key industry keywords.

Multichannel Sales Growth

Monthly sales soared to 2.6-3 lac through successful product listings on Amazon, Flipkart, and MowgliX.

Enhanced Visibility

The redesigned website and SEO efforts significantly increased online visibility.

Lessons Learned

The synergy of a user-friendly website, effective SEO strategies, and strategic multichannel listings creates a robust foundation for sustainable e-commerce success.

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