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Crafting Influence Success of WH Tadoba Vanya Villas

Solutions Provided


In the span of 2 years, our collaboration with WH Tadoba Vanya Villas we focused on elevating brand awareness, generating leads, fostering influencer partnerships, and enhancing social media branding. This collaboration resulted in a significant boost to the resort’s social media presence, amplifying its reach and engagement with the target audience.

Client Background

Dr. Bagadia, a respected Trichologist, tasked us with elevating brand visibility, attracting more clients, and adeptly managing their online reputation. In response, we crafted a strategic plan to surpass expectations, ensuring a robust online presence and a positive reputation for the esteemed practice.


Limited ONLINE Visibility

WH Tadoba Vanya Villas faced challenges in reaching a wider audience and attracting potential guests.

Limited Social Media Presence

The resort struggled with a modest social media following.

Competitive Market Landscape

The resort faced stiff competition in the hospitality industry, requiring a distinct and compelling online presence

Influencer Outreach Challenge

Identifying influencers for social media promotion posed a challenge, impacting campaign effectiveness

Lead Generation Challenge

Generating leads during the off-season presented a significant hurdle for the resort.

Solutions Provided

Website Development

We crafted intuitive website with enhanced aesthetics to overcome limited online visibility that resulted in easy conversion of the leads..

Social Media Marketing

Our team crafted captivating travel-related content that informed, attracted, and entertained, reaching the most relevant audience and boosting conversions.

Creative Focus

We crafted intuitive website with enhanced aesthetics to overcome limited online visibility that resulted in easy conversion of the leads..

Audience Engagement

By prioritising the creation of aesthetic and unique reels, we instantly captured the attention of the ideal travel enthusiast audience, driving meaningful interactions through compelling calls-to-action.

Automated Messaging for Instant Lead Conversion

Automated messaging led to instant lead conversion & audience interaction.

Rising Above Competition

Our team analysed competitors, crafted engaging posts , reels, and optimisedthe profile for visibility. Informed by market trends, our content boosted engagement, setting us apart in a crowded landscape.

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Facebook Lead Generation

During the off-season, we launched lead generation ads, this consisted of –

Creative Idea : With the idea to attract maximum leads we offered 15% discount and day packages which started from Rs 2500/

Creative Design : Ensured seamless functionality across various devices to capture a wider audience.

Attractive CTA : The use of words like starting from 2500/- and 15% discount instantly attracted the audience and it gained more than 300 quality leads during its off season

TripAdvisor Reviews : The facebook campaign resulted in great reviews on platforms like – TripAdvisor, and this inturn increased more brand visibility for WH Tadoba Vanya Villas.

Influencer Collaborations : Our team meticulously evaluated influencer profiles, prioritising travel-related content, sizable audiences, and reels that aligned with WH Tadoba Vanya Villas. This ensured authentic collaborations, fostering genuine connections and impactful results.

Additionally, reaching out to influencers via email garnered successful responses, strengthening partnerships. To date, WH Tadoba Vanya Villas has collaborated with more than 5 influencers

Implementation Process

Months 1-3

Months 4-6

Months 4-6

Months 7-12

Results And Benefits:

Quality Lead Generation

Systems Tec WH Tadoba Vanya Villas successfully transformed their online presence into leadsnow ranks on the first page for key industry keywords.

Brand Awareness

Strategic use of SMM and Influencer Marketing resulted in brand awareness.

Enhanced Reputation

Efficient reputation management contributed to a surge in positive reviews, elevating the brand’s image

Some Of The Successful Results

Social Media Boost

The brand saw its Instagram following surge from 2,760 to 8,105 followers, boosted by engaging content, captivating reels, and influential collaborations, significantly enhancing its online presence.

Reel Success

The reels for Welcome Heritage Tadoba Vanya Villas garnered massive engagement, with one reaching 104k plays and the others receiving substantial likes, shares, and saves, amplifying brand visibility and engagement

Reel with 104k plays

Other reels also received great responses

Facebook Ad Success

During the off-season, our team launched lead generation ads with a focus on brand awareness and lead conversions. By offering instant incentives such as 15% discounts and day packages starting from Rs 2500, the campaign garnered over 300 quality leads, resulting in significant success.

Influencer Impact

Our team meticulously evaluated influencer profiles, giving precedence to those with travel-centric content, substantial audiences, and reels that complemented WH Tadoba Vanya Villas. This ensured that our collaborations resonated authentically with the resort, fostering genuine connections and driving impactful results. Furthermore, our proactive outreach via email garnered positive responses, solidifying our partnerships.

To date, WH Tadoba Vanya Villas has successfully collaborated with over 5 influencers, whose contributions have significantly enhanced the resort’s online presence and led to a substantial increase in lead generation

Working with Buzo Media was a game-changer for WH Tadoba Vanya Villas. They completely transformed our brand, especially on social media. Their captivating visuals, engaging content, and targeted approach have brought us a wave of new adventure-seeking guests. We’re incredibly grateful for their hard work and expertise – they’ve made a real impact on our business!

Hrishikesh Wachasunder

Director at WH Tadoba Vanya Villas


Our collaboration with Welcome Heritage Tadoba Vanya Villas showcased the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing, yielding a notable online boost and brand awareness.

Through engaging content, influencer collaborations, and targeted ad campaigns, we successfully converted leads and enhanced the resort’s visibility, establishing it as a top-tier destination in the hospitality sector.

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